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Weekly Session - On-site - Practical Application - Measurable Results

Listed below is an example of some of the topics covered in this nine week, two hours per week program.

Enhancing the Effectiveness of  Key Personnel

ONE: Successful Managers are Made-
           Not Born

Building on the Base of Success
Developing the Slight Edge
Purpose of Leadership Development
Definition of Success
FIVE: Decision Making & Problem Solving

Responsibility of Leadership
Manager as a Decision Maker
Taking Risks
The Art of Giving Orders

TWO: Exercising  Authority Effectively Source of Authority
Positive Approach to Discipline
Handling Minor Disciplinary Problems
Dealing with Serious Breaches of Discipline
SIX: Motivating People to Produce Understanding Motivation
Traditional Methods of Motivation
Attitude Motivation
Developing a Motivation Plan
THREE: Management of Time
Managing Your Time
Managing the Time of Others
Controlling Time Waste
Benefits of Time Management
SEVEN: Handling Problems with People
An Ounce of Prevention
Separating Organization and Personal Problems
Productive Handling of People Problems
Dealing with Irrational Behavior
FOUR: The Art of Delegation
Attitudes for Delegation
Using the Power of Informal Groups
Feedback on Performance
Preventing Upward Delegation
EIGHT: Developing Employee Potential
The Key to Increased Productivity
Training the Right People
Training Process
The Manager and the Bottom Line
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