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Listed below is an example of some of the topics covered in this program.

Building a Winning Team

ONE: Your Potential for Personal Leadership |
Building on Current Strengths
The Rewards of Leadership
Your Untapped Potential
Self Image
Self Motivation
Goal Direction
FOUR: Improving Productivity through

Time for Communicating
Empathy in Communication
Clarifying with Effective Questions
Listening for the Total Message
Tips for Speed reading
Writing for Maximum Impact
Communicating with Groups
TWO: Motivation through Attitudes and

Satisfying Needs
The Exchange System
The Traditional Approaches to Motivation
Motivation through Attitudes and Habits
Altering Attitudes and Habits
Dealing with Demotivators
FIVE: Increasing Productivity of the Team

Sharing and Communicating Goals
Creating a Learning Environment
Developing and Coaching Self-Directed Work
Positive Expectancy
Strategies and Methods for Training
Efficient Procedures
Productive Meeting Strategies
Celebrating Your Success
The Productivity Challenge

THREE: Building a Winning Team
Building a Winning Team
The Slight Edge
Personal Rewards
Stages of Team Development
The Team Environment Wheel
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